Lesson Information Chords Scales

I can show you all kinds of chords, from basic open chords to more advanced jazz chords. You will learn how chords go together to form progressions by learning songs and studying music theory.

All the major and varying minor scales including their modes in different octave ranges. The pentatonic (both major and minor), blues scales, jazz scales and some exotic scales where necessary. My aim is not just to show you these scales, but how to use them as well.


You will learn all aspects of rhythm and timing. I believe it is vitally important to get a good feel for the music right from the very start, as rhythm is a crucial aspect.


This is gradually learnt and adapted as you naturally progress, but there are also certain exercises that can be utilised to increase your control and articulation. Technique is all to do with improving your body’s muscle memory, which is learnt mainly through the repetition of certain motions.

Music Theory

I can show you how to construct chords, scales and arpeggios. You can learn every aspect of keys and musical harmony; basically learn the chemistry of how chords and scales fit together and how to make good sounding chord progressions. This will aid you when it comes to writing your own songs and riffs etc. Remember though, rules are there to be broken, so once learnt feel free to go beyond them.

Ear Training

The importance of having a good ear in music is paramount. Music is completely sound related, so it is a good idea to become more acquainted with the sounds being used. I can train your ears and show you what to listen for. It takes time but it is most certainly worth the effort. Being able to hear things allows you to work out your favourite songs by listening alone, this also opens up a much wider scope for improvisation.

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